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Retreat Schedule

Cabinet Retreat is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to learn, connect, lead, and be inspired to bring home what they have discovered. The agenda has been carefully planned based on participant feedback, JFNA’s Lay Leadership Development framework, and Cabinet traditions. At Retreat, Participants will be able to learn from a remarkable faculty of JFNA experts, outside educators, and each other. Cabinet Retreat is planned in partnership between JFNA professionals, Cabinet’s Co-Chairs, and Executive Team. We are thrilled to partner with the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit to bring Retreat to life.

Sunday, July 30

1:00 PM Registration

Italian Garden, 4th Floor

2:00 - 6:00 PM New Member Orientation

Crystal Ballroom, 4th Floor

3:00-5:00 PM 2023-24 Cabinet Executive Team Meeting

Founders B (3rd Floor)

6:15 PM Mincha

Book Boardroom, 3rd Floor

6:30 PM First Year and Executive Team Dinner, with JFNA Professional Team

Venetian Ballroom, 4th Floor

Monday, July 31

8:00 AM Shacharit – Offsite

Please gather in hotel lobby at 7:30AM - Book Boardroom, 3rd Floor

8:00 AM Registration Open

Italian Garden, 4th Floor

8:30 AM First Year Breakfast

Venetian Ballroom (4th Floor)

8:30 AM Breakfast for 2nd-7th Years

4th Floor Prefunction, Lounge, Venetian Foyer (4th Floor)

10:00 AM Welcome to Cabinet Retreat 2023 - Opening Session

(all participants)
Woodward Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Click here for the recording.

11:30 AM The Call to Leadership with R. Mike Uram & Julie Platt (all participants)

Woodward Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Click here for the recording.

12:45 PM Mission Reveal & Lunch

Woodward Ballroom, 2nd Floor

2:30 PM Learning Sessions - Part 1

The Learning Sessions at Cabinet Retreat are designed to support participants’ growth in the areas they would like to build their leadership competencies, skills, and knowledge. In this interactive session, participants will learn about the Leadership Development Framework and how to leverage it for their own growth. Leaders will explore where they are on their journey and how they would like to dive in at the rest of Retreat, and beyond.

Please choose one.

4:00 PM Learning Sessions - Part 2

Please choose one.

5:00 PM Lounge Open

4th Floor

5:15 PM Caucus Leader Huddle

Venetian Ballroom

5:40 PM Mincha

Book Boardroom, 3rd Floor

5:30 PM ESG Strategy Deep Dive

Targeted conversation for investment professionals who leverage Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as part of their investment thesis to help shape our go-forward strategy.

Lounge, 4th Floor

5:45 PM I&O Partner Organization Open Hour with the Jewish Agency, JDC, and ORTAmerica

Pop into the lounge to speak with our three partner agency representatives and learn more about their work and the Jewish community in our Mission destination, the work Federations are supporting there, and any questions in general that they may have about our partners’ work in Israel and overseas.

Lounge, 4th Floor

7:00 PM Class Dinners

First Years - Crystal Ballroom, 4th Floor

All other classes - Off-site, various

Professionals Dinner - Founders AB (3rd Floor)

Tuesday, August 1st

7:30 AM Breakfast

Lounge & Venetian Ballroom, 4th Floor

7:30 AM Shacharit

Book Boardroom, 3rd Floor

8:15 AM 6th and 7th Year Breakfast with Julie Platt and Eric Fingerhut

Crystal Ballroom (4th Floor)

9:15 AM Learning Sessions, Part 3

Please choose one

11:00 AM Cabinet Campaign Day (all participants)

Woodward Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Click here for the recording.

12:00 PM Grab ‘n Go Lunch

Outside Plenary Ballroom

1:00-5:00 PM Caucus

1:30-5:00 PM Federation Professionals Sessions

(Details Provided Separately)

Founder B, 3rd Floor

5:00 PM Mincha

Book Boardroom, 3rd Floor

5:30 PM National Women’s Philanthropy Reception

Crystal Ballroom, 4th Floor

5:30 PM Men’s Reception

Lounge, 4th Floor

7:00 PM Cabinet Retreat Celebration

Rooftop at Huntington Bank Building

9:30PM Final Year Farewells at Hotel

7th Year Farewell – Esquire, 3rd Floor 6th Year Farewell - Founders A, 3rd Floor

Wednesday, August 2

Please note that bag storage will be available starting at 7:00 AM in the Jefferson Boardroom.

7:30 AM Shacharit

Book Boardroom, 3rd Floor

7:30 AM Breakfast

Lounge and Venetian Ballroom, 4th Floor

8:00 AM Breakfast Meet and Greet with Iris Kraemer, Chair of National Women’s Philanthropy

8:30 AM-12:30 PM Learning Deep Dives

Timing Varies (choose one)

1:00 PM Lunch

Woodward Ballroom, 2nd Floor

2:00 PM Cabinet 2023 Retreat Closing Session (all participants)

Woodward Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Click here for the recording.

3:00 PM Travel Home Safe!